Written by David A. Lloyd and John Migliore. Directed by Scott Patrick

A group of teenage girls wsummon an ancient man-eating shark after messing with a spirit board that washes up on the beach. An occult specialist must enter the shark's realm to rid the world of the deadly spirit ghost once and for all.



Written by Brett Kelly, David A. Lloyd, Trevor Payer. Directed by Scott Patrick

Four friends set out by boat for a vacation on a private island. But unknown to them, a weaponized shark has escaped from a top secret military lab, a shark genetically engineered with hate in its blood, and programed to hunt any human within range. Now, thses friends must band together to battle an all new brand of predator who will stop at nothing to remain at the top of the food chain.


"This sucker just screams B-Movie awesomeness!" - Masters of Fear


Written by David A. Lloyd and Trevor Payer. Directed by Brett Kelly

In a city riddled with corruption, drugs and gangs, a veteran cop is murdered by a vicious kingpin, sparking a brutal crime wave. Only one man can stop the bloodshed - a brutal, motorcycle riding vigilante bent on bloody revenge called HOMICYCLE - now picking off the killers one by one. Armed with an arsenal from Hell, he's cleaning the streets by decapitation, nail gun and motorcycle madness! Is he a gun-toting savior on a path of righteous redemption, or is he literally HELL ON WHEELS?


Written by Janet Hethrington and David A. Lloyd. Directed by Brett Kelly

Banks are being robbed and people arebeing murdered in the town of Dead Eyes and the outlaw being blamed for the crimes is Johnny Ringo. When the real Johnny Ringo gets word of the atroities being committed in his name, he team up with legendary lawman Bat Masterson and together the two must put aside their differences to solve the mystery of the counterfeit Ringo and bring peace back to Dead Eyes.


Starring Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers, The Philadelphia Experiment)

(a.k.a. Attack of the Jurassic Shark)

Written by David A. Lloyd. Directed by Brett Kelly

When an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of art thieves and a group of beautiful young college students on an abandoned piece of land. The two opposing groups are forced to do what they can to survive or become food for the not-quite-extinct shark!