Book 1: A Green-Eyed Burn
Catherine Wildman, a young undercover Mountie finds her cover blown while investigating the arrival of INK a highly addictive new drug.
On the run from an international criminal organization formed by a group of rogue CIA operatives and with all avenues of support cut off Catherine finds herself relying on John Riel, a grieving journalist who was in the wrong place at the right time.
Catherine and John find themselves thrust deeper into the nightmare world of INK, a world of psychotic killers and a sensual femme fatale. Catherine is forced to choose between a government that seemingly abandoned her or trusting a man she doesn’t know, a man who has fallen in love with her.
Then a physically broken and scarred Russian woman with an agenda of her own appears looking for answers regarding the death of a man who died in Catherine’s arms.
Not knowing her enemies from her allies Catherine is forced to make a choice. A choice between what is right or will she be forced to CROSS THE LINE. 
A collection of scripts from author/screenwriter David A. Lloyd including the pulp-zombie-noir STEELE THE DEAD and the 80's retro horror BEASTS. If you're looking for stories about dead gumshoes, femme fatals, zombies, dragons, monsters in the woods, aliens, bikini models with chain saws, crazy bakers and invisible assassins? Then this is the place.
From the author of GREEN EYED BURN and the screenwriter of IRON SOLDIER and ATTACK OF THE JURASSIC SHARK comes this collection of scrips, both long and short.


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