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David was bitten by the movie bug at a young age. There are even rumors of him and his friends running amuck in a small Ontario town with a Super8mm camera making a superhero movie. David denies that was him in the cape and long underwear.


With an acting style which was best described as a "coffee-addled Daffy Duck" David wisely redirected his energies to behind the camera where, along with his cousin, Norm Scanlon, formed The Cousin Company.


The Cousin Company produced a collection of short films including the shot on Super8mm film superhero satire FLASH before delving into their first feature THE LEGEND OF VIPER’S HILL which became an official selection of the 2011 Wreck-Beach International Film Festival.


Branching out David is also a sought after screenwriter having penned scripts for filmmakers Brett Kelly (IRON SOLDIER, JURASSIC SHARK, HOMICYCLE, THE HUNT FOR JOHNNY RINGO, RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK & OUIJA SHARK) and Chris Turner (INVISIBLE ASSASSIN). He was also the head writer/researcher for Sonic SoundWorx/Antram House Interactive’s HOLLYWOOD BABYLON NOW (PC-CD)


From its humble beginnings filming backyard epics with an old Super8mm camera, The Cousin Company is poised to lead the way in the next step in digital entertainment.


From westerns to flying sharks, from invisible people to robots, from horror to goofy superheroes David A. Lloyd is a writer ready to tackle every genre and whatever comes next... 


David is a proud member of The Writers' Community of York Region and as his Facebook status often reads; "Type, type, type."