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"I purchased this book when it came out a couple of weeks ago. Having seen (and enjoyed) the movies David A. Lloyd wrote and directed, I was curious to see how he would do with his first novel, and I wasn't disappointed.


Cross The Line has a very strong cinematic approach, with a lot of influences from the old 'film noir' of golden age cinema. The author takes the time needed to build and introduce the characters, which is usually a flaw in many indie books where the author take the reader right into the action without having us to know the characters first. David A. Lloyd did not fall in that trap. The story unfolds very smoothly while the mystery gradually thickens, and that makes Cross The Line a gripping, page turner suspense.


The physical format of the book itself is also quite interesting. Cross The Line doesn't come in a typical paperback size, which is what I was sort of expecting. Its large letter size format for a novel felt a little weird in my hands at first. But after reading a couple of pages I quickly forgot about the unusual size. It even left me with the impression I was reading a film screenplay, which enhanced the cinematic 'look and feel' of the novel. The book cover is also very nice, with a smooth, matte laminated finish, making Cross The Line not only a great book, but also a very nice object to hold in your hands."

Amazon review - 17, June 2020,

Artist/Filmmaker Sv Bell


"Mr. Lloyd has imagination and a very good sense of story structure; one can only hope somebody with a budget can bring his vision to the screen someday."

-Ron Oliver, Director of PROM NIGHT III: THE LAST KISS